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What's Different This Year

[Aug-20] Significant changes this year:

  • Virtual Program. To try and accommodate in-class and distance learning, this year the Future City Program will be conducted virtually. There will be no on-site competition event - all deliverables will be judged online.
    Details will be available shortly.
  • Deliverables:
    • Virtual City (SimCity) - There will be no Virtual City Deliverable. SimCity codes are available and can be used as a teaching aid for city planning.
    • City Essay Deliverable - Theme: Living on the Moon. Changes to rubric.
    • Model Deliverable - Submission for the model will be a slideshow with pictures and descriptions of required model sections. The model will be built to scale (as determined by the team). The team can build a single model illustrating city highlights. OR the team can build the model in separate sections as required by the slideshow deliverable. There is no limit on size or the number of model sections.
    • Team Presentation - Teams will record their 7 minute presentation and upload it for judging.
    • Q & A - The Q & A session that would normally follow the team presentation will be conducted separately this year. We will schedule a time for teams and judges to meet online via video conferencing for a 10 minute discussion period. A new rubric covers this requirement.
    • Project Plan Deliverable - no change.

NTX Future City Junior Competition for 4-5th grades

[Aug-20] The Junior program is an introduction to the full Future City Competition effort. It is focused on the challenge posed by the annual theme and includes the research essay and the physical model deliverables.

Note - this program will also be conducted virtually in 2020-2021.

See the Junior Team Center for the complete rules, description of the program, and registration. Contact Regional Coordinator for more information. Please note: this program is only available in North Texas at this time.

Attention 7th Graders: FC Prelims and Duke SAT Conflict

Future City judging and the January SAT for the Duke Talent Identification Program frequently conflict. Please be aware and consider taking the ACT test or the SAT on one of the other dates (Dec or Mar).

Email Updates

Email Archive
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23-Oct-2020: Getting started: Teams, Project Plan and Essay
12-Nov-2020: Essay due 20 Nov, Model slideshow next
18-Nov-2020: Essay due Friday, More time for model
03-Dec-2020: Essay last call
07-Dec-2020: Honor Stmt change, A message to inspire
15-Dec-2020: Model slideshow due, Video presentation next
04-Jan-2021: Getting Ready for Online Q&As
11-Jan-2021: Upcoming due dates, Last Call for Model Slideshows
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